Valley Exports India has 2 Manufacturing Plants, capable of processing 288 Metric Tons (100 % sortex clean) of Paddies per Day. We can Ship One Container every two hours. Our rice mills are equipped with the latest machinery and technology imported from UK & Japan, which involves rice milling, processing and packing.


Our Company has 2 rice mills, which are located in Uttar Pradesh, India. Both the mills are equipped with the most ultra-modern technology from Buhler & Satake, constantly upgrading the rice processing & control systems, at par with the global standards for optimization of the facilities.


The process of parboiling uses treated soft water obtained from our water treatment plants. The parboiling plants have specially designed soaking bins with sensors based on sophisticated controller for maintaining and determining the water temperatures.

The advanced parboiling method ensures that the grain is free from unwanted smell and confirms to most hygienic processing of the grain, preserving its natural fragrance & aroma during the entire process.

We have adopted special methods of parboiling, as the paddy is kept for soaking for 12 hours, we keep changing the water after every 4 hours, keeping the temperatures controlled by not letting the water go below 60 degrees centigrade and the inlet water is also changed every 1 hour so that there is no bacterial formation, thus ensuring the best hygienic & parboiled rice always. These minute steps ensure 100% quality of rice for the end user.


Our company has installed temperature controlled drying system with metric tonnes per hour drying capacity which ensures the consistency and uniform drying of paddy without breakage of grains. This avoids the fungal, bacterial infections, fermentations and retaining the natural aroma.


Our professional team of employees make sure 100% quality control, right from the stage of procurement of paddy, milling, parboiling, the cleaning process, packaging and logistics. Our rice mills are a stage of art and are fully equipped with Pre-cleaners, De-stoner, Paddy Huskers, Paddy Separator, Thickness Grader, Rice Polishers, Rice Colour Sortex , Silky , rice bins and magnets to completely protect the food process against contamination and other impurities during the food process of milling.

All the latest machinery and technology is imported from United Kingdom & Japan. Our company also keeps upgrading the working system every year.