Our Strength


  • Our factory is established in the Terai belt of the Himalaya’s, where mineral-rich soils give the highest rice paddy yields in the region. Harvesting takes place only once a year, giving each rice husk the most nutritionally dense content achievable. Our experienced workers know just which rice paddies will produce the best of the year’s rice and create the finest in quality rice products for our customers.
  • Valley Exports India delivers only the best rice and foods, adhering to strict standards of quality. All of our manufactured goods follow or exceed current health, safety, and environmental regulation policies. Our operating and testing procedures adhere to the highest regulatory standards as well.


  • By buying direct from our farmers in the Terai Belt of the Himalaya’s, we eliminate the middle man, giving us the best value for the price, a savings we then passed on to our customers.
  • We also sell directly to wholesale distributors, bypassing any need for brokers or middle agents whose commission fees can drive up prices as well. This allows our wholesale distributors to maintain competitive prices and keep overall distribution costs relatively low, further enabling us to keep our foods affordable without sacrificing value.


  • We use the world’s leading available technologies in Rice Milling and are continually updating equipment. Our production facilities use Buhler processing, the latest in Switzerland technologies, and the Japanese Technologies Satake, helping us to ensure we’re delivering the highest quality rice products on the market.
  • We have 2 plants capable of processing 288 Metric Tons of paddies per day. We can ship one container every two hours. Whether you need 20 tons or 2,000 tons, we can serve your export needs for shipment in break-bulk, or containers with speed and accuracy, as well as quality assurance.


Since 1992, we have had a trusted and proven track record in the Rice Milling business. We have built our reputation and global renown on the backs of consistent and hardworking employees who have continually delivered high-quality food products for us worldwide. Our ability to ensure our customers’ trust to behave ethically and responsibly in our business practices, and to deliver safe, effective and affordably priced foods, is what make us who we are today. This commitment to quality and value is what sets us apart from our competition. We are proud to be recognized as one of the most trusted rice suppliers around the world.